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12301712_1174086985954272_2817068027819771813_nHi, my name is Andrew Eget, and I am the owner of Jersey Marine. My goal in starting Jersey Marine is to make the boating dream more pleasurable. I strive to take some of the pressure off you, the customer, during the boat buying, selling, outfitting and insurance process. As a family man, I realize time is the hardest thing to find. Jersey Marine is focused on saving you that valuable time. I have  over 20 years of experience in the boating & sport fishing industry.

I have always made it my goal to develop a personal relationship with professionals in the industry and maintain them through the years. This special relationship allows me to help in numerous ways and to cater to the customers’ needs. Jersey Marine is your source for selling your current boat, finding your future boat,  helping outfit your boat, and insuring it with the best insurance policy.

As a yacht broker, I have an extensive knowledge in most boat brands and yacht manufactures as well as engines and electronics.

Please let me be your single source for all your boating needs. 

Jersey Marine is committed to selling your boat today and finding your boat for tomorrow!



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